Cancellation/ Refund Policies and Fees

Just like all other schools we also have a strict cancellation policy. To Cancel a lesson, you must call our office and give us a 24 hour notice or you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. We DO NOT confirm appointments, please write your appointments down. If we show up and you are not there, we will wait 15 minutes then the instructor will leave and you will be charged $50 for a no show fee (if you running late, please call the office to let us know so that we can let the instructor know to wait.) You must have your permit with you for each lesson (copy if acceptable.) If we show up and you do not have your permit we cannot legally take you on the lesson and you will be charged $50 for not having your permit. Please make a few copies of your permit once the instructor has signed it. No completion certificate will be issued until all fees are paid.

Refund Policy

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL CASH OR CREDIT REFUNDS BE GIVEN AFTER REGISTERING WITH OUR SCHOOL ONLINE, ON THE PHONE or IF YOU HAVE ALREADY STARTED OUR ONLINE or IN CLASS DRIVERS ED OR BTW COURSE. We do not give refunds for Students who move or relocate. If you need your lessons all done in a short period of time, please check with our offices prior to registering with our school.

No completion certificates will be issued until all fees are paid.